Built to our extremely high standards the TTM is a simple but superbly functional utility trailer for adventurers who need a compact, light, super tough yet surprisingly affordable option that gets the job done when the going gets tough.


We understand that not everyone can afford our incredible TTE and TTA beasts but are really keen to own an Australian designed and built trailer from a company that has a reputation for building some of the toughest trailers in the world. The TTM1 is another incredibly versatile trailer from Terra Trek. Take it to work during the week, load up the dirt bikes or bolt on the tent and make the most of every weekend. Then when you’re ready to head on that big trip you have been planning for years this little beast can be set up with all the gear to tackle any adventure.

Base Trailer Body

This striking trailer is our interpretation of the simple leaf spring military styled trailer; tough as nails yet beautifully designed and handcrafted from the ground up to take it to the next level.

Designed and hand-crafted in Australia, using Australian materials the TTM1 has a 75 x 50mm RHS ladder style chassis with our unique single beam draw bar sporting a D035 off-road hitch and heavy duty jockey wheel.

The spare wheel is standard because it is a necessity in the bush and sits at the front to keep nice balance. In front of the spare is a stone deflector following the concept our higher end trailers.

The body panels are aluminium which keep the tare weight of this trailer down to an incredible 495kg! Of course aluminium will not have rust problems either.

We gave much consideration too the size of this trailer which resulted in an ample 1250.

W x 2100 L x 550 H tub which can accommodate a 60L ARB fridge with slide, jerry cans and many other essential expedition items within the walls of the tub. The rear door is ready to be fully sealed if you decide to put a hard-top on.

Base Trailer Running Gear

The leaf spring suspension system on our TTM1 may not be up to the level of our legendary cross-arm suspension when it comes to handling and durability in the most extreme of conditions but with a bit more care it more than gets the job done.

We have run many, many trailers with just as many varied leaf spring set ups and have used this experience to specify the OME Leaf spring and Nitrocharger Sports shock combination on the TTM1. These leaf springs are considerably longer than the normal off-road trailer leaf spring and use top quality steel to provide more travel, a considerably more supple ride and can handle a load. In fact these springs provide more travel with more control than most of the trailing arm independent suspensions available and definitely would cope with extreme conditions better than the imported trailing arm independent systems. As you would expect from ARB they are a quality product built to outstanding design parameters and from top quality materials that will not let you down. Of course they are mounted with matching quality shackles and bushes all readily available in the bush. Due to the friction minimisation in the springs which give them their smooth ride we need to match them with the right shocks. The OME Nitrochargers are designed specifically to enhance the characteristics of the springs to which they are matched and we mount them as upright and close to the spring as possible to enable the full stroke of the shock to work as they were designed.

The base trailer comes with a moderate load rated spring which can be upgraded if you plan to add options or load the trailer consistently.

The TTM1 is a remarkably light unit but we still go for 50×50 solid axle and full 12 inch off-road electric drum brakes. The large brakes have more room in the hub to allow large, top quality Japanese wheel bearings easily capable of handling the punishment handed to them by the full sized off-road wheel/tyre combination. We like to have peace of mind…and we like to run full sized off-road wheels and tyres.

Quality 16” 5 or 6 stud steel wheels are standard as are the 285 75 16 heavy duty mud tyres. Upgrade to alloy wheels if you like.


The options for the TTM1 are limited only by your needs and imagination. With such a clean slate the BASE TTM1 is the perfect foundation on which to build your dream off-road adventure trailer.

We have some standard packages that will help you build the TTM1 into a reliable camper trailer for couples or families with a level of equipment that suits a variety of requirements. Alternatively tell us what you need and we can probably build and fit it for you.

1X 120Ah AGM battery.
Anderson plug 12V feed from tow vehicle.
1 circuit to pump.
1 circuit to fridge.
1 circuit to lights.
1 circuit to auxiliary Anderson plug.

Options for electrical package:
Redarc 1230 BMS (allows solar, 12v and 240v charging.)
Extra 120 AGM battery.
Lithium battery or batteries.
Pole mounted work light.
Redarc solar panel.
Water gauge.
Switch panel.
Redarc Redvision TVMS.
On board ARB twin air compressor with tank and air hose.

80L poly tank mounted under rear connected to water pump and 1 x water outlet tap. Includes filler and breather.

Options for water package:
Jerry can holders mounted externally.
Gas hot water unit.
Pop up Ensuite tent.


1Requires LH side access door.
1200 X 500 slide out stainless steel kitchen bench with mounting for folding silicone sink and mixer tap.
Gas cooker and 1 x 4.0kg gas bottle with mounting.
Huge pantry drawer above slide out kitchen.

Options for kitchen package:
Kitchen bench extension piece.
Evakool drawer fridge in place of pantry drawer.
ARB 60L fridge on slide.

Low hardtop or High version.

Requires roof rack.
Terra Hard-shell.
Terra side fold Soft with optional kid’s/change room.
ARB Roof tent.
James Baroud.


Seals tub.



ARB 2.0 x 2.5
ARB 3.0 x 3.0 Track shelter.
Supapeg 270 degree.