TTE…Terra Trek Expedition Trailer


Our top of the range TTE is the perfect bit of kit for experienced over-landers. With our legendary cross-arm suspension, cavernous storage and first rate equipment fit-out all combined with smart, innovative design; this beast has to be one of the best expedition campers in the world!

Running Gear

It’s what sits underneath the Terra Trek off-road trailers that really sets them apart. When you’re out in the middle of nowhere and the going gets tough the last thing you need is for your trailer to let you down. That’s why we have spent hundreds of R & D hours to develop our legendary chassis and suspension system. No other off-road trailer comes close.

Light but super strong laser cut and jig welded seperate steel ladder chassis with single beam draw bar for maximum manoeuvring incorporates dedicated High Lift jacking points, rear hitch receiver recovery point, spare wheel swing away arm mount, fully removable jockey wheel and front and rear water tank mounts. Fully hot dip galvanised and can be painted if required.

The manoeuvring advantage of our single beam draw bar has to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Our single beam draw bar enables you to reverse the trailer to a point where the draw bar is parallel to the rear bumper of your car allowing you to get out of a tight spot and turn around on narrow tracks that would be impossible in most other trailers. This draw bar also gives you room to easily access the rear of your vehicle and can be stepped over if you want to take a short cut to the other side of the trailer.

We run Cruisemaster D035 hitch, 12inch electric drum brakes with heavy duty wheel bearings, 5 or 6 stud steel wheels that can handle the rough stuff and because we understand the importance of good tyres we fit genuine Toyo Open Country Mud Terrain tyres that are renowned for their performance in harsh conditions.

We are extremely proud of our unique Cross-Arm suspension system because we know how much time and effort has gone into the design and the absolute torture testing it has been through. We started with a concept, incorporated top quality and readily available components* and designed the geometry to suit. This system is not a gimmick; this system is possibly the best handling, longest travel and most durable suspension system available on an off-road camper trailer!

* Old Man Emu by ARB Toyota Landcruiser 200 coil springs with Nitrocharger shocks to suit. Superior Engineering adjustable Toyota Landcruiser control arms and Toyota Landcruiser bushes throughout. Airbag Man high pressure spring helper airbags to accommodate differing load conditions.

Our super tough chassis swing away spare wheel carrier comes standard on the TTA EXPLORE. Being chassis mounted it will not cause body cracking and because it is not connected to the rear cargo door you know that there are no hinges or latches to prematurely wear out and no vibration on the dust seals. This is a seriously good bit of kit.


Mounted on urethane body mounts the fully floating aluminium body is precision laser cut, folded and fixed together using a combination of welds, glue and rivets to create a beautifully crafted light-weight body with a perfect combination of strength and flexibility.

The TTE is tapered at the sides not only to decrease wind resistance but also to give good clearance when the trailer is rocking from side to side on tight scrubby tracks. The fact that vision from your side rear vision mirrors is retained is a bonus.
The sloping font corners are not just for looks; they sit at an angle that deflects roost from your tow vehicle away, thus minimising stone chips and the risk of shattered rear glass on your vehicle. It works exceptionally well.

Because the chassis is steel and the body is aluminium; unlike most camper trailers we keep them separated using flexible neoprene body mounts thus minimising the possibility of stress fractures in the body caused by natural flexing and vibration of the chassis. Of course aluminium is nice and light plus it won’t rust.

Up front we have the nose cone containing fridge box large enough to accommodate a 100l plus sized fridge…no more rationing of your cool drinks and if you want to grab a cold one on the way the fridge is extremely quick and easy to access. Also housed in here is the electrical components, fire extinguisher and hot water unit. Two 4.0kg LPG cylinders are stored securely and out of the mud in front lower side lockers and the RHS lower middle locker contains our water control components.

Our slide out kitchen slides from the LHS lower middle and the high full length LHS locker is set aside for our awesome pantry unit. At the rear we have two dedicated jerry can lockers for a total of four jerry cans and behind the large central rear door is the main storage area that will fit anything from the kid’s Oz Tent, swags, spare wheel, surf boards, fishing rods, tool boxes, food boxes, camp table and chairs etc etc.

This space is HUGE. The high full length RHS locker is ideal for quick to grab items and there is a surprise cavernous space that is great for storing the soft gear such as clothes bags, tents, tarps, extra sleeping gear and the like. We also keep the optional Weber BabyQ here.

Water System

We take water storage very seriously. It is the number one survival item. The TTE has a custom handcrafted stainless steel 90l tank mounted high and safe underneath with inbuilt baffles, hidden water lines you can rely on our water system.

The water lines enter the tanks via a custom stainless steel manifold sitting on top of the tank (not on the side like most others) which allows access and serviceability and from here they discretely enter the body via another custom made stainless steel manifold.

Our water lines are unseen from underneath the trailer as we do not want to risk the loss of precious water through impact of a flying rock or snag from sticks and branches lying on the ground. This is a rare feature which could save you life!

Inside the body is the 12v pump plumbed to the sink and another external outlet for hot water unit to connect or any other use. The pump is protected with a feed line filter.

Hot water does not come standard with the TTE but is available as an option and simply connect into the water and gas supplies that are equipped with Quick connect couplings just for the job. Be aware that all hot water units can use up your water supply very quickly.

The versatility of jerry cans for carrying water in remote locations cannot be underestimated. The TTA has two high quality jerry cans which are carried in the dedicated rear racks. Jerry cans stand upright within the body so you have the option to carry many jerry cans.


With it’s expedition capability we know that off-grid camping will be an essential part of your Terra Trek experience. Modern electrical systems bring a level of comfort and safety like never before. 

We incorporate the best available components for reliability and convenience available in the market. At the heart of our systems is a 100Ah lithium battery with capability to easily add a second 100Ah lithium battery.

Management of this power is through the superb Australian designed and manufactured Redarc 1230 BMS charging unit combined with the Redarc Redvision management and switching. The BMS allows charging from your vehicle, 240V power point and solar input.

Standard in the TTE are LED lights in every compartment (except gas), a powerful work light over the kitchen preparation area, multiple USB charging and accessory charging points, power supply to fridge with Anderson plug and power for your roof tent. The kitchen locker lights are switchable to amber to keep the bugs away on a balmy night.

The TTE comes standard with a 350W Redarc inverter; perfect for charging a computer or running your electric razor. Of course you can upgrade to one of the more powerful inverters in Redarc’s range, keeping in mind that you need to have the appropriate battery power to operate.

Various air compressor packages are available starting with a small system to control airbag pressure up to an ARB twin compressor with storage tank for pumping tyres and air tools.

To complete the off-grid system you may decide to add an optional Redarc folding solar panel or two.

Based on your anticipated demand (mainly the fridge and possible inverter demands) and storage capacity we can calculate the amount of solar input that would work best for you. We can provide dedicated storage for the panel/s to keep secure and out of the elements.

Even though it would be quite a simple addition we do not recommend fixed panels on the outside of our trailers because we like to give you the flexibility to base the camper in the shade and stand the panels out in total sunlight where you have the ability to adjust the angle during the day for maximum solar input. External panels are subject to damage from tree branches and flying stones, they get dirty very quickly thus reducing their efficiency and are inviting for thieves.


Quick and easy set up with plenty of unrestricted bench space is the basis for any great camp kitchen. The TTE has got that comfortably covered comfortably but add in innovative features like massive pantry, soft LED lighting, huge dedicated bench space and you’ve got beyond great!

The TTE has a generous slide out stainless steel kitchen bench with in-built sink plumbed to the water supply; simple and very effective. Approximately 1400 long x 500 wide, the bench is perfect for meal preparation and there are no cookers or drawers that open over it to interrupt your meal preparation… something you will appreciate when you are plating up for the whole family.

We use a Coleman Hyperflame twin burner cooker that is housed on its own slide within the main kitchen slide…compact and clever. There are more attractive options that we could have incorporated but we selected the Coleman because unlike most of the camp cookers available this one WILL cook in cool breezy conditions…a basic necessity we think.

The sink is built in and deep enough to handle the pots and pans you need at camp. The mixer tap is plumbed to the main tank and is plumbed ready for hot water if you desire.

Above the slide out bench and running along the LHS of the TTE is a full length locker which is dedicated pantry area. The convenience of this space cannot be over-stated. It is quite unique to the Terra Trek TTE and when optioned with the drawer system this pantry a truly outstanding feature. The amount of cooking gear and food you can keep 100% handy here makes life sooo easy at meal preparation time.

At lunch on the road simply slide out the bench, flip up the pantry door and everything you need is right there. No need to go looking for food boxes and other equipment elsewhere in the trailer. Once you’ve become familiar with using this you will never want to go back to anything less…it’s that good!


Unbelievably quick and so easy to set up our custom designed hardshell roof tent is greatly appreciated at the end of a long day on the track, and if it’s raining you will appreciate it even more. Other than a van that you can just step into, there would be no other quicker camping accommodation…it’s quicker than a swag! Same thing with pack down.

The mattress is a real double bed size and the standard mattress is a very comfortable 100mm high density foam, but if you need even more comfort there is plenty of room to upgrade to an inner spring mattress. The mattress remains as a single piece with no folds and so the options are endless; plus there’s no uncomfortable join to deal with.

The shell is 2mm aluminium with a profile to give it strength. It is strong enough to stand on! The advantage here is that it is an ideal spot to chuck some extra swags, firewood or with the optional Rhino roof bars you can fit bikes, canoes, fishing rods etc etc. The shell is fully sealed with automotive rubber seals similar to those on the doors and so you can count on a dry and dust free tent at all times. The hinge system is another Terra Trek innovation and custom made for our tent specifically. It is super strong and raises the pivot point which increases the height of the opening without increasing the angle or length of the tent. There is enough room inside to easily sit up even stand up which makes getting changed less of a struggle.

The tent fabric itself is a Weathermax material which is extremely waterproof but breathable at the same time. Where it really stands out is in it’s light weight and beautiful folding performance; a big part of the reason our tent packs down so easily. There are huge windows which are fully midge proof screened for ventilation and a large easily accessed door under our unique to Terra Trek fold out verandah. This verandah is amazing in its ease to operate and the brilliant shelter over the ladder…no climbing the ladder in the rain. The arm system is, once again, our own innovation and it is like all of our designs…tough, simple and smart. This arm provides the structural connection for the optional ground level change room attachment.


if you have young children or want to make a nice private room at base camp then this brand new feature is going to be very appealing. This is a full sized, fully waterproof room which attaches to the roof tent in two minutes…a clever design that is unique to Terra Trek.

That’s not the only option for extra sleeping either. Perhaps you have a crew or the kids want their own tent. The TTE has a large enough cargo area to store one or two OZ Tent RV 4’s inside!! We can even install a dedicated internal shelf so that you can slide them in and out without unloading the rest of your gear.


Standard on the TTE is a custom 270 degree awning by Supapeg. This Australian made product is beautifully made, durable and easy to erect. It provides brilliant coverage for the kitchen area, wrapping around to cover the fridge area as well.

Add our storm flap and a wall or two and you can relax in complete comfort even when the weather turns bad.
The awning is mounted on a streamlined folding arm mechanism which keeps it streamlined and clear from snagging on trees when you’re on the move yet is super easy to stand up and is strong and stable when in use.