TTA EXPLORE…Terra Trek Adventure


Start with the TTA CORE – probably the toughest trailer in our range- add sleeping facilities, top of the range electrics, as well as other well selected conveniences and the TTA EXPLORE becomes a real weapon for couples and families who want one of the best expedition campers money can buy.

Running Gear

It’s what sits underneath the Terra Trek off-road trailers that really sets them apart. When you’re out in the middle of nowhere and the going gets tough the last thing you need is for your trailer to let you down. That’s why we have spent hundreds of R & D hours to develop our legendary chassis and suspension system. No other off-road trailer comes close.

Light but super strong laser cut and jig welded seperate steel ladder chassis with single beam draw bar for maximum manoeuvring incorporates dedicated High Lift jacking points, rear hitch receiver recovery point, spare wheel swing away arm mount, fully removable jockey wheel and front and rear water tank mounts. Fully hot dip galvanised and can be painted if required.

The manoeuvring advantage of our single beam draw bar has to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Our single beam draw bar enables you to reverse the trailer to a point where the draw bar is parallel to the rear bumper of your car allowing you to get out of a tight spot and turn around on narrow tracks that would be impossible in most other trailers. This draw bar also gives you room to easily access the rear of your vehicle and can be stepped over if you want to take a short cut to the other side of the trailer.

We run Cruisemaster D035 hitch, 12inch electric drum brakes with heavy duty wheel bearings, 5 or 6 stud steel wheels that can handle the rough stuff and because we understand the importance of good tyres we fit genuine Toyo Open Country Mud Terrain tyres that are renowned for their performance in harsh conditions.

We are extremely proud of our unique Swing Arm suspension system because we know how much time and effort has gone into the design and the absolute torture testing it has been through. We started with a concept, incorporated top quality and readily available components* and designed the geometry to suit. This system is not a gimmick; this system is possibly the best handling, longest travel and most durable suspension system available on an off-road camper trailer!

* Old Man Emu by ARB Toyota Landcruiser 200 coil springs with Nitrocharger shocks to suit. Superior Engineering adjustable Toyota Landcruiser control arms and Toyota Landcruiser bushes throughout. Airbag Man high pressure spring helper airbags to accommodate differing load conditions.


With a body height of around 650mm the TTA is only 1400mm high which is great for rear vision, access and stability. Stepping up to the roof tent is so easy. The height of the TTA means that an ARB 60l fridge on slide will fit perfectly inside and we can install one in the RHS front locker if you wish.

The TTA is NOT top heavy and is extremely STABLE and SAFE in any conditions. The TTA features Terra Trek’s angled front with replaceable rock deflector panels to keep both the trailer your tow vehicle safe from flying rocks.

Because the chassis is steel and the body is aluminium; unlike most camper trailers we keep them separated using flexible neoprene body mounts thus minimising the possibility of stress fractures in the body caused by natural flexing and vibration of the chassis. Of course aluminium is nice and light plus it won’t rust.

Our super tough chassis swing away spare wheel carrier comes standard on the TTA EXPLORE. Being chassis mounted it will not cause body cracking and because it is not connected to the rear cargo door you know that there are no hinges or latches to prematurely wear out and no vibration on the dust seals. This is a seriously good bit of kit.

Water System

We take water storage very seriously. It is the number one survival item. There is a custom handcrafted stainless steel 150l tank mounted internally where it is totally safe from damage and enhances balance and stability when you’re fully loaded. Jerry cans are a must in the bush so we have incorporated mounting for 2 military style jerry cans.

From our inboard 150l tank water is plumbed to the sink and another external outlet for hot water unit to connect or any other use via a high quality 12v pump which is conveniently located for service access. The pump is protected with a screen filter.

Hot water does not come standard with the TTA but is available as an option and simply connect into the water and gas supplies that are equipped with Quick connect couplings just for the job. Be aware that all hot water units can use up your water supply very quickly.

The versatility of jerry cans for carrying water in remote locations cannot be underestimated. The TTA has two high quality jerry cans which are carried in the dedicated rear racks. Jerry cans stand upright within the body so you have the option to carry many jerry cans.


The TTA EXPLORE comes standard with Terra Trek’s modern and sensible ELECTRICS to maximise it’s off-grid expedition capability. 

100Ah Lithium with Bluetooth monitoring.

Redarc BCDC charger.

Victron 240V Charger.

Anderson plug for solar in.

Anderson plug fridge supply.

LED lights in every compartment switchable to amber.

Multiple USB charging points.

To complete the off-grid system you may decide to add an optional Redarc folding solar panel or two.

Based on your anticipated demand (mainly the fridge and possible inverter demands) and storage capacity we can calculate the amount of solar input that would work best for you. We can provide dedicated storage for the panel/s to keep secure and out of the elements. Even though it would be quite a simple addition we do not recommend fixed panels on the outside of our trailers because we like to give you the flexibility to base the camper in the shade and stand the panels out in total sunlight where you have the ability to adjust the angle during the day for maximum solar input. External panels are subject to damage from tree branches and flying stones, they get dirty very quickly thus reducing their efficiency and are inviting for thieves.


Quick and easy set up with plenty of unrestricted bench space is the basis for any great camp kitchen. The TTA EXPLORE has got that well covered but add in innovative features like huge cutlery/utensil drawer, crockery drawer and massive pantry drawers all within close proximity to the workspace and you’ve got an incredibly convenient kitchen.

The TTA EXPLORE has a surprisingly generous slide out and folding stainless steel kitchen bench with nice deep built in sink approximately 1400 long x 500 wide which is perfect for meal preparation and the cooker fits into an additional shelf so that cooking, preparation and plating up can all flow perfectly.

We use a fully independent Coleman Hyperflame twin burner cooker that is housed in the front locker whilst in transit and mounts on the kitchen bench bracket when in use.

The flexibility of an independent cooker allows you to move outside the awning if you are cooking a BBQ or to set up under a picnic shelter if you wish. (This can be very handy if you are travelling on a rainy day and want to stop for a quick lunch or cuppa.) Unlike most of the camp cookers available the Coleman WILL boil a billy or cook a big pot of food in cool, breezy conditions…a basic necessity we think.

The built in stainless steel sink is ready for action without setting up. It is deep enough to handle the pots and pans you need at camp with a mixer tap plumbed to the main tank and ready for simple connection of hot water if you desire.

Another awesome feature of the TTA EXPLORE’S kitchen is the 40l Evakool drawer fridge which sits right in the heart of the kitchen. Imagine how easy it is to grab a cold drink or some vegetables for your salad while you are busy preparing a meal for the hungry crew! This is a feature that even out-does your kitchen at home!


Choose the TERRA TREK custom hardshell roof tent, the TERRA TREK custom soft tent or James Baroud Evasion Evolution depending on your requirements and preferences. All are independent and removable so you can change tents or even move the tent to use the roof space for cargo such as a tinnie up to 3.6m, canoes, or mountain bikes.

Kid’s rooms are available for the TERRA TREK tents. You might start with our soft tent when you have young children to accommodate and then evolve to our super quick hardshell when the kids are ready for their own tent or swag. You might choose the James Baroud and move it to your car and put the boat on the trailer on some trips and when you don’t need the boat; run the JB on the trailer. Options abound.

A major advantage of the TTA’s low profile is that it means your bed is only 1.4m off the ground. Combined with the custom access platform this would have to be the easiest and safest trailer top access available.


Standard on the TTA EXPLORE is a quality ARB 2.5 x 2.0m awning to which you can add. Simple, extremely quick to deploy and with all the options that ARB have developed this awning is ready for action.

Add our storm flap and a wall or two and you can relax in complete comfort even when the weather turns bad or what about a mesh screen enclosure to keep the flys and mozzies at bay?.

The awning is mounted on a streamlined folding arm mechanism which keeps it streamlined and clear from snagging on trees when you’re on the move yet is super easy to stand up and is strong and stable when in use. Other awnings can be easily mounted if you desire.