About Us

Terra Trek is a creative and hands-on company with years of experience working in extremely remote places and rugged places of outback Australia. We may be small but we definitely punch above our weight. Our passion is the magnificent outback and we have substantial professional experience working in remote area exploration and tourism. Combined with our creative instinct this experience has led us to design and hand build some of the best expedition trailers in the world!

Our primary focus has been to apply this experience to design camper trailers specifically for the epic overland trips around the world. This is where durability is absolutely essential and where storage and ease of use are paramount. When you purchase one of our products you can be assured that it has been thoroughly considered and carefully handcrafted using the very best Australian skills, Australian materials and Australian equipment. We build our trailers to order and are flexible enough to customise the fit-out your specific requirements because we know everyone is different.

Not blinded by the latest trends and gadgets that seem to pop up every day, we pride ourselves on being innovative and committed to our philosophy of providing not necessarily everything that opens and shuts but what is really required and at the highest level of build and design quality. Take our unique suspension system for example.

It is not painted bright red, it doesn’t need twin shocks both sides and complicated electronically controlled airbag systems yet it has more travel, soaks up big hits and glides over punishing corrugations like no other trailer PLUS it is one of the most durable systems on the market. That’s just one example. There are innovations and beautiful craftsmanship throughout our camper trailers.

If you are looking for a tough, purpose built trailer that will handle everything you can throw at it; one that will become your trusted companion over many years and give you the utmost confidence on the tough trips where you cannot afford to be let down by your equipment then Terra Trek is the one for you.

Terra Trek: Handcrafted in Australia to take on the toughest tracks in the world.